Imagine opening a get-well card and finding a cheque for $30,000. That’s critical illness insurance. It pays a lump sum benefit if you’re diagnosed with a covered condition and survive.

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If anyone depends on you financially, it’s worth checking if you have enough life insurance. Parachute is an easy way to top off the coverage you already have.

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Hi [John]. You’re invited.

Skip the medical questions. Know you’re covered instantly.

Apply before [March 2nd, 2021] and you won’t have to provide any medical information to activate a policy.

Lock in coverage for you and your family.

Eligible [ACME] employees and spouses can get up to [$30,000] in critical illness insurance and up to [$100,000] in life insurance. Plus, you have the option to boost your policy with child coverage.

Stay protected, even if you leave [$EMPLOYER].

Your PARACHUTE policy stays active until you turn 70, as long as you continue living in Canada and paying your monthly premiums.

Offered and arranged for by Parachute Digital Solutions to eligible [$EMPLOYER] employees who:

  • Qualify as the primary insured under the [$EMPLOYER] group benefit plan.
  • Are less than 65 years of age.
  • Are actively at work on the date of application.
  • Live in Canada as full-time residents.

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