Critical illness insurance complements your other insurance products

Imagine you’re diagnosed with cancer. How do all your insurance products and financial safeguards come together to support you and your family while you recover?

Critical illness insurance is the missing piece of the puzzle.

See where CI insurance fits in

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Did you know...

CI insurance is the missing piece

A puzzle piece

Disability insurance

A serious diagnosis can often lead to many unexpected expenses. Disability insurance is based on your earnings and only replaces about two thirds of your lost wages. Will that be enough?

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Medical insurance

Public and private health insurance plans don't cover everything and still leave you vulnerable to out-of-pocket medical expenses. Do you want plan maximums, exclusions, and restrictions on prescription drugs to determine your treatment choices?

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Life insurance

Won't help you fight your illness.

How do you pay for your additional expenses with 1/3 less income?

Critical illness insurance is a living benefit you can use when you need it most. It isn't tied to your income or medical expenses. You control how you spend the money.

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