Affordable insurance

Protecting your family from the unexpected doesn't need to be expensive.


Calculate your premium quickly

We need 5 pieces of information to calculate your premium:

  • The plan you want: PARACHUTE Life, PARACHUTE Critical Illness (Essential or Complete), or both
  • Your age
  • Your gender
  • Your smoking status
  • The amount of coverage you'd like
Use our mini rate calculator to choose your coverage and find out how much it will cost to protect yourself. Premium is calculated using 5-year age banded rates.

Guaranteed Renewable

Your coverage is automatically renewed each year and your premium is guaranteed for the first 12 months. Afterwards, your premium is calculated based on your age at each policy anniversary and guaranteed for each renewal period. The rates for this product may be adjusted with at least 60 days’ notice in advance of any policy anniversary.

Easy payment options

You're billed directly and you can pay online.

Late payment? You're still covered

We know delays happen. If your premium is received within 60 days after your payment due date, it's not considered late (it's called the grace period).If we do not receive full payment before the grace period ends, your coverage will automatically terminate as of the premium due date for which premiums were not paid. This gives you time to bring your account up to date without jeopardizing your coverage.
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