Making a PARACHUTE Life claim

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How do I file a claim?

To make a life claim, simply log into the PARACHUTE Member Portal or contact PARACHUTE support  to obtain the necessary forms.

Please note that written notice of claim must be given within 180 days of the insured person's date of death. However, if such notice of claim is not provided within that time, the claim will not be invalid if notice is given as soon as is reasonably possible.

What information is needed to make a claim?

To process a PARACHUTE Life Insurance claim, the insurer requires a certified copy of the death certificate or funeral director's statement/certificate of death.

In the event your spouse passes away, the insurer will also require a certified copy of the marriage certificate, or for common-law relationship, a statutory declaration by you and a notarized declaration by a disinterested third party.

In the event of a child claim, the insurer will also require a certified copy of the birth certificate or baptismal certificate.

Who are claim payments made to?

If you die while insured, the proceeds are paid to your beneficiary or beneficiaries.

If you survive your beneficiary or do not name one, any proceeds due will be payable to your estate.

If your beneficiary is a minor, payment will be made to an appointed trustee or public trustee or in Quebec, to the minor beneficiary’s parent or legal guardian.

If a covered spouse or child dies while insured, the proceeds are paid to you, the policyholder.

Who should I contact about the status of my claim?

We're here to answer any questions you may have about claims and your PARACHUTE coverage. To get in touch, please visit our contact us page.

Will my beneficiaries have to pay taxes on the face amount?

No, PARACHUTE Life Insurance benefits are non-taxable.

Right to appeal

If all or any part of a claim is denied, the claimant may request a review of the denial within 6 months after receiving a notice of denial by writing to the insurer. The insurer will review the claim and the claimant’s written submissions, and will notify the claimant of its decision within a reasonable time upon receipt of all required information.

No legal action may be brought against the insurer within 30 days after proof of claim has been submitted, or after the time limit for bringing such an action set out in applicable legislation has expired.

Full definitions and benefit provisions can be found in the policy and all coverage is subject to the terms and conditions of the policy
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