Reduce your financial burden with a lump sum payment

If you or a loved one is diagnosed with a critical illness, the path to recovery can be filled with many challenges, be they emotional, physical or financial.

Critical illness insurance can make navigating those difficult times easier by providing you with financial relief when you need it most.

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Fill the gap left by disability insurance

Disability insurance only covers a portion of your lost income due to illness or injury. It does not make up for the income your spouse loses if he or she takes time off work to care for you.

Cover expenses excluded by medical insurance

Medical insurance doesn't cover everything. Critical illness insurance gives you the freedom to choose and control your care outside of your health plan. For example, you can use your benefit to pay for travel expenses or childcare.

Pay for outside help or home modifications

You can use your critical illness insurance benefit to pay for outside help during your recovery. You can also use it to improve your home's accessibility.

Pay down your mortgage, credit cards or other debt

Safeguard your financial future and stability during a time of crisis. Use your PARACHUTE Critical Illness Insurance benefit to invest in the future or to pay down your mortgage, credit cards, or other debts.

Critical illness insurance can help you take care of these costs so you can focus on getting better.
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